About Libero Magazine

Libero (LEE-behr-roh): liberated, unconstrained, free. (italian)

About our Mental Health Magazine

Libero is a Vancouver-based nonprofit mental health magazine and community (incorporation number: S—0062089). We believe in the power of sharing stories and celebrating freedom.

Through our mental health focused magazine and online community, we cover a variety of topics ranging from managing anxiety and overcoming depression to recovering from eating disorders and advocating body positivity. Our articles are written by people like you and are meant to offer peer support to those living with mental health conditions.

OUR MISSION is to champion mental health and foster community through sharing stories and celebrating freedom.
OUR VISION is for a world free from stigma, where no one feels alone.


  • Acceptance of self and others.
  • Holistic health through balanced living.
  • Proactivity in recovery.
  • Freedom through self-expression.

How our mental health magazine and community formed

Libero began in 2010 when our Founder Lauren Bersaglio shared her story on Facebook and it went viral. Lauren’s story includes struggles with an eating disorder, self-harm, and depression, which kept her trapped for many years. As others read and related to Lauren’s story, they wanted to be a part of the community she was building. Over the years, as more joined the community and began to share their stories and access Libero’s support, Libero expanded and grew into a thriving online mental health magazine and community where people can share their stories, find support, and access resources for mental health and recovery. Read the story that started it all here.

Learn more about our mental health magazine and community in this video:

Our Projects

Our Pillars: Hope, Love, Freedom.

Our pillars are the legs on which we stand.

We believe offering support is about spreading hope: 

We believe every journey begins with hope. Recognizing hope exists is the first step towards freedom. Through our writing, and sharing the stories of others, our goal is to show hope is there and it is for everyone. Hope is what keeps us moving forward – trusting there are better things to come.

By fostering community, we promote love:

Love is essential: both love of self and love of others. So often what holds us back is a lack of self-acceptance, a lack of belief we deserve better. In order to break free, we must learn to love ourselves and show love to others. It is through love that we realize we are worthy of so much more.

Our goal is to break down stigma so we can live and walk in freedom:

Everything we do points towards freedom. We have hope for freedom, and love is what gets us there. We do not believe freedom is found only through “full recovery.” Freedom is found when we break through the walls of secrecy and shame that kept us trapped so we can own our stories and begin to thrive.

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