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Thanks to you we reached our goal of $2,000! Thank you to all who contributed for your generosity + support! We still depend on donations ongoing, and if you would like to contribute to our cause, you can still do so via the form above.

In 2016 we set a goal to raise $2,000 so we can continue providing resources and support to those who need them through our magazine. Thanks to your generosity it was a huge success!

Not everyone has a mental illness, but we all have mental health. If you support what we do, we ask that you consider making a donation.

Why Donate to Libero?

Many publications monetize themselves through subscriptions and premium services or content, but we don’t want to do this. We want our articles and resources to be available to everybody free of charge. This means we depend on the generosity of individuals and businesses to keep our magazine running.

Where the money goes:

  • To keep our website running: (we are a nonprofit, but our hosting company isn’t!)
  • Print resources and materials (so we can spread the word about what we do)
  • Attending local events (we love putting ourselves out there in our community, and sharing our resources, and events cost money to attend).
  • Expanding our reach  (we always are looking for ways to improve our resources and grow our magazine. One day we’d even love to see a print edition of Libero Magazine! Funding helps us take steps towards reaching these goals)

About Us

Libero Network Society is a nonprofit organization (incorporation number: S—0062089 ).

OUR MISSION is to create a safe, supportive community for individuals to find resources and support for mental health.
OUR VISION is for a world free from secrecy and shame where no one feels alone.

We value:
  • Acceptance of self and others.
  • Holistic health through balanced living.
  • Proactivity in recovery.
  • Freedom through self-expression.
Our projects:

To find out more about us, please visit our About page.

Ways to support us:


If you own a business or company interested in supporting us, please contact info[at]

General Donations

You can also donate to us via cheque or Paypal (linked below).

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Libero Network Society
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Not everyone has a mental illness, but we all have mental health. If you support our cause, please consider making a donation.DONATE
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