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Did you know Libero is a nonprofit magazine? While other sites may block content behind subscription fees, we don’t want to do that because we want our articles and resources to be available to anyone who needs them.

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Libero is a registered nonprofit magazine. Many publications monetize themselves through subscriptions and premium services, but we want our articles and resources to be available to anyone who needs them. This means we depend on the generosity of individuals and businesses to keep our magazine running.

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  • To keep our website running (we are a nonprofit, but hosting companies aren’t!)
  • Print resources and materials (to distribute at events, coffee shops, on campuses, etc.)
  • Attending local events (to help promote Libero and expand our reach)
  • Expanding our projects and resources (so we can offer more to the Libero community)
  • Paying key team members (so our projects can continue running)

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About Libero

Libero is an incorporated nonprofit magazine (incorporation number: S—0062089) sharing stories and offering support for mental health. In addition to our own articles, we partner with bloggers, republishing their work and increasing their exposure, which, in turn, provides our readers with even more great content.

OUR MISSION is to advocate mental health and foster a community of support based on sharing stories and celebrating freedom.
OUR VISION is for a world free from stigma, where no one feels alone.


Acceptance of self and others. Holistic health through balanced living. Proactivity in recovery. Freedom through self-expression.

Our Projects:

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