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About #StopFitspiration

Originating here at Libero and created by our Founder, Lauren Bersaglio, #StopFitspiration:

  • brings awareness to the harms of Fitspiration messages,
  • provides support for those recovering from exercise addiction,
  • and promotes balanced, body-positive approaches to fitness.

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What is ‘Fitspiration’?

“Fitspiration is any image or message that focuses on exercise as a means to attain a physical end. These messages often promote unhealthy and obsessive behaviours along with unattainable physical ideals. This contributes to both negative body image and addictive exercising behaviours.”

-Lauren Bersaglio (Creator #StopFitspiration, Founder Libero Magazine)

The Images

The images associated with Fitspiration typically showcase an athlete’s body (sometimes cropping out the head) that is extremely well-toned, tanned, and impossibly perfect.  These images do not show a realistic representation of the human body. We believe fitness–like health–comes in all shapes and sizes, and these images do not represent this.

The Words

The text associated with Fitspiration include phrases such as:

“Eat Clean. Train Mean. Get Lean.” “Unless you puke, faint, or die, keep going!” and “Strong is the new Skinny.”

How is this different from Thinspo?

Fitspiration masquerades on many occasions as a “healthier” response or “challenge” to images of size 00 models that promote unhealthy weight loss and body ideals. However, Fitspiration is not a better alternative; it does the same thing, only from a different angle. The images still promote a type of body that has been trained (and often over-trained) and digitally altered in a way that makes it an impossible and even unhealthy goal.

Both messages promote unrealistic and unhealthy ideals, both messages contribute to negative body image, and both are equally harmful.

Recent Articles from our Stop Fitspiration Column

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    I am an addict. Stating these words still feels surreal, even after all this time. I remember my first meeting: “My name is Regina, I have anorexia nervosa, anorexia athletica, orthorexia and exercise addiction, among other diagnosed psychiatric disorders.” Even though I knew my situation was due to an illness and not a choice I had made, feelings of shame s […]
  • 10 Body Positive Reasons to Exercise
    Exercise is an important part of an overall healthy lifestyle, we can’t deny this. However, more and more our approach to exercise is becoming unhealthy. With the prevalence of “Fitspiration” seemingly everywhere we look, we are morphing our motivations from healthy to obsessive. The post 10 Body Positive Reasons to Exercise appeared first on Libero.
  • Fitness Apps: The Good and the Bad
    When I searched “fitness” in the App Store on my iPad, it came up with more results than I could scroll through. They ranged from apps that track your cycling information, calories, or weight loss to weekly challenges, and... Read More The post Fitness Apps: The Good and the Bad appeared first on Libero.
  • A Response to the #StopFitspiration Criticism (and threats)
    They’re back. The Fitspo community is on us again. Originally, I was going to pull some of their tweets and respond to them individually (like I have in the past); however, after skimming through the twitter stream for... Read More The post A Response to the #StopFitspiration Criticism (and threats) appeared first on Libero.


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Most importantly: model a healthy relationship with exercise to your friends, family, and students and don’t buy into Fitspiration. When people stop consuming it, producers stop making it.

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