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Libero free from project

Freedom is at the core of our mission (did you know ‘Libero’ means ‘Free’?) and is the foundation of the story behind Libero. We know, however, that “freedom” means something different to everyone. Just as each of us has something different we are “Free From,” we each have a different definition of what that means to us.

What are you “Free” from?

and What does “Freedom” mean to you?

We believe that when we share our stories, we can fight stigma, spread hope, and champion mental health!

Take Part in our “Free From” Photo Challenge!

It’s easy; all you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. 📸 Take a photo while holding up a “Free from___” sign (you fill in the blank).
  2. 📲 Post the photo to social media, sharing what freedom means to you.
  3. 💚Tag us (Instagram: @liberomagazine Twitter: @libero_mag) and you’re done! (don’t forget to encourage others to take part, too!)

“To me, freedom is about owning my story and letting go of the shame and secrecy that kept me trapped for years. It’s about shedding the lies and clinging only to the truth about who I am and what I am capable of.”

-Lauren Bersaglio, Founder of Libero

Free From photos from our community: