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What are you free from?

Did you know “Libero” means “Free”? Libero started with a story shared by our Founder Lauren Bersaglio back in 2010. We believe when we share our stories we can end stigma, celebrate freedom, and let others know they aren’t alone.

We do not believe freedom is found only through “full recovery” or the absence of mental health struggles. We believe Freedom is found when we break through the walls of secrecy and shame that kept us trapped so we can champion our own mental health, own our stories, and begin to thrive!

We would love to have you share your story and celebrate freedom with the rest of the Libero community!

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Submitting Your Story

UPDATE: Story submissions are currently closed as we work on an exciting new approach to this project!

In the meantime, we encourage you to still share your Free From photo on social media and tag us (@liberomagazine) sharing your own personal definition of what freedom means to you!

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