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Creating a “Yes” List

Creating a "Yes" List | Libero Magazine 1
For this art activity we are making a "Yes List". Give yourself permission to decide what you want to live out and what you want to let go of.

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How many people are you living and dying for? It’s such a blunt way to begin, but humor me. Daily choices are decided upon under the influence of validation and the fear of not proving worthiness.

This creative project is going to once again be looking at identity, how scrambled it is and how everyone can start their journey of piecing bits together.

For me, my worth revolved around professors, my parents, my friends, and my work–basically, anyone who has an opinion. It occurred to me recently how unhealthy and distracting this cycle can be. Every day you wake up with the pressure of interactions, trying to say the correct things, and trying to create an acceptable image.

Who can blame anyone for getting stuck in a whirlpool when social media and strong opinions parade around, leaving us shaken and encouraging our inferiority complex?

I can’t say do this art activity and everything will be put in place, or that confidence will scare away ignorance and other bullies. However, I can say that taking the time to push pause on the noise and be active in processing the emotions can help greatly.


For this art activity, all you need is a piece of paper, pen, and something to add color.

We are making a “Yes List”. Go to a place that is quiet, if you prefer, and take a moment to sit and think.

  1. Is there anything you have wanted to do, no matter how silly, you have never done? Write it down, whatever comes to you. There is no time limit; stop writing whenever you are personally happy with the list.
  2. Now pick five things and get out another piece of paper. On this paper start writing how you are going to make this happen. Did you once have dreams of acting? Well, are there art classes in your area? Did you dream of being a writer? A scientist? Start jotting down how you can make these things tangible.
  3. The last part–my personal favorite–is decorating! Fill it with color and then post it on your wall or anywhere you will be able to look back and see the notes. I feel it is important to add, this list is not a To-Do list. Think of it as a guide helping you track the things you love and the things you are passionate about.

Here’s an example from my personal project:


Further thoughts…

Listen to your intuition. Jobs, relationships, and other important responsibilities are real and deserve attention, but taking time to treat yourself, and give yourself permission to discover who you are will help improve those different areas of your life

Validation is important; we all want to know we are important. We are relevant and have a place in a big ever expanding world. However, simply saying “I like me” and having it end there isn’t enough fuel to continue on.

Making daily choices to care, nurture, and listen to your intuition helps make the draining days livable and the amazing moments more fantastic.

For this Libero Creative, give yourself permission to decide what you want to live out and what you want to let go of.

The month’s feature artist: Fran Meneses

Fran is a Chilean artist living in London. She is a freelance illustrator with a large following on Youtube, Etsy, and her other social media platforms. I chose to highlight Fran because of her journey to illustration.

She started out studying graphic design, and upon finding it was not her passion, she pursued illustration. Fran, like many people, did not have the funds to pick up and switch to illustration, so she decided to continue graphic design while also teaching herself illustration.

She would spend hours learning about art technique and looking at other artists. Through her hard work and persistence with her goals, Fran has been able to start her own business and make a living doing art. Below is her main blog as well as her YouTube channel.


Kira, recent graduate of Coastal Carolina University (B.A English), is a self-proclaimed bookworm. In 2012 she realized her anxiety was more than a phase and sought out counseling. Through journaling, she learned the value of art as a coping mechanism. Kira continues filling sketchbooks, journals, and bookshelves with inspirations and stories. Rough days come and go but she remains positive and hopes to share this with others who may be struggling to find themselves.

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