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Getting Swimsuit Ready (a body positive perspective)

When it comes to getting ready for swimsuit season, ignore the magazines, billboards, and ads that try to convince you you’re anything less than awesome.

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Are you ready to get swimsuit ready this summer, but not sure how? Feeling anxious at the thought of going to the beach or pool? Do you find your confidence levels slipping at the thought of showing some skin? The following tips are guaranteed to get you the perfect body, swimsuit, and attitude just in time for the hot weather.

The first step in getting swimsuit ready requires you to look in the mirror.

Spend some time looking at every part of yourself, even the parts you don’t particularly like. Now, this next step is very important, so make sure you do it carefully.

Compliment each part of yourself, focusing especially on the parts you find hard to love.

For example, notice how your thighs do so well in their job of getting you from place to place. Appreciate how well your arms can hug, and how nice your hair looks in the light.

Now, look at yourself as a whole, and say to yourself, “I am an incredible human being, and I am beautiful.” Repeat this mantra when necessary.

The next step to getting swimsuit ready is the actual act of purchasing said swimsuit. Make sure you have some free time to spend on yourself because you don’t want to feel rushed. Buy yourself a takeaway coffee, tea, chai, whatever you fancy, and spend some time browsing the different cuts and styles.

Think back to the compliments you gave yourself earlier, taking into account the parts of yourself you really love.

Maybe it’s your awesome waist, your amazing broad shoulders, or maybe you have a rockin’ bum. Focus on finding a swimsuit which will flaunt those glorious parts of you, so you can feel confident and beautiful every time you put it on.

When it comes to picking out your new pair of swimmers, don’t allow yourself to get caught up in any negative internal dialogue. Thoughts saying, “I love it, but I could never pull it off,” or “the colour is gorgeous but I’d look silly in it” should be ignored.

If you like it, try it on. If you really don’t feel great in it once it’s on your body, then fine!

Just don’t dismiss something you love simply because you’ve been lead to believe your body isn’t the right body. It is.

A bonus tip when it comes to getting ready for swimsuit season is to ignore the magazines, billboards, and TV commercials which will try to convince you you’re anything less than awesome.

They’ll tell you that in order to become swimsuit ready, you need to have bronze skin and toned muscles and hair-free everything. Please keep in mind they are trying to wear you down. Do not let them. Allow yourself, instead, to rise above the negativity and above the idea, you need to be anything more than exactly what you are.

The last, and most important, step comes when you get into your swimsuit and flaunt it. Acknowledge any hesitations you may have and let them go. Be content with the knowledge that you look incredible and leave the house with confidence. Don’t shrug off any compliments you get from others because they really mean them, and you should believe them.

Soak up the sun and let this summer be the best yet. You deserve it.

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Holly is a writer, a dancer, a dreamer and an explorer from Tasmania, Australia. She's currently working full-time at a bookstore and blogs at Ramblings of a Fake Redhead. Holly is hoping to open up a shop in the near future, fulfilling her dream of being a small business owner, where she can provide customers with caffeine, cake and creativity. Holly is very passionate about providing advice and support to those living with mental illnesses and works alongside her local council in her city's Youth Advisory Group to provide assistance to those who need it.


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