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Aisha: Free from the World’s “Beauty” Expectations

It wasn't until September 2013 that I found freedom, Freedom from my negative body image and from my negative controlling thoughts. I am free from the world's beauty expectations!

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It’s been a long journey towards self-acceptance. 14 years is how long it took for me to find freedom.

I was already self-conscious in grade three! I despised my crooked teeth and my height. Little did I know, it was because I didn’t like who I was.

Aisha - free from beauty expectations

In grade 11 when I got my braces off and started wearing clothing that all the “hot girls”/”popular girls” were wearing, I started fitting in. I was “beautiful” in the eyes of the world, but I still hated myself. Grade 12 is when the self-harm started; the alcohol abuse, the drug use, and the sleeping around. After high school, I developed bulimia and lived it for 2+ years.

It wasn’t until September 2013 that I found freedom, Freedom from my negative body image and from my negative controlling thoughts. It’s also been a few months since I last threw up! There are still days where I question how much I eat or dislike the size of my thighs, but I’m not allowing it to control me anymore.

I thank Christ for He is the one who brought me freedom. He is the one who can bring a peace of mind, and who can change how we see and think about ourselves.

Freedom is possible.

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