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When it comes to self-care, one of the most important things is taking time for yourself. I often get caught up in life and doing everything I need to get done for school, work, clubs, and home life that I have no time for myself.

I have learned it is very important for me to take a break from studying or working on whatever it is I am working on to do something I enjoy, to take some time for self-care.

I know just how easy it is to get caught up in everything we need to do, between work and school, and forget to take a moment for ourselves.

Even now, after finals are a thing of the past and the new semester has just barely begun, it can still be difficult to take a break for just a minute.

Going back to school can be an adjustment, especially with new class schedules and getting used to brand new material. I have found it is important, especially during these busy times, to take a bit of time every day or week to do something fun and relaxing. This can be anything: reading a book, watching a movie, whatever you like doing for relaxation.

For example, during finals week last semester, I made sure every night to stop studying at a reasonable hour, shower, and watch a TV show to relax before going to bed. This isn’t anything special, but this hour and a half helped keep me from getting overwhelmed with studying. Had I bypassed this relaxation time and studied an hour and a half longer, I don’t believe I would have done as well on my exams.

You see for me, having a calm mind and being relaxed helps me to do my best.

So even if I am able to look over a little bit more information, the stress just builds up and the end result is worse.

Self-care should also be of utmost importance during the New Year. Many times we are all busy and sometimes stressed with going back to school and work. Many of us may have goals or resolutions for the year that also require our time.

In these times it is also important to take time for ourselves. When we try to spread ourselves too thin and be everywhere for everyone, we end up being miserable. Instead, take time out of your busy day to relax and have a nice cup of coffee, read a book, or just kick back.

This year I challenge you to take a bit of time for yourself.

Whether it is before or after work or school, on your lunch break, or even before bed. Take some time to relax, unwind, and do something you enjoy, even in the most stressful of times. I think you will find that when you do take a little bit of time for yourself you will be much more productive during the time you are working, and most importantly, you will be much happier.

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Scott hopes to turn the negativity of his Anorexia into something positive by supporting other men and women who struggle with eating disorders in any way he can. He also hopes to raise awareness of eating disorders in men in order to get better treatment. His message is simple: recovery is possible, and you can achieve it. Some of his hobbies are coffee, cars, and bicycle racing. He is currently studying mechanical engineering and German.


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