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Libero Magazine’s Bloggers Network is all about partnering together and helping each other grow our audiences so we can both reach more people who are looking for community and support. 

What is it?

We know that as a mental health blogger you have amazing content to share and we want to help you grow your mental health blog so you can reach more people. In addition, at Libero we are committed to bringing the best peer support mental health blogs to our community, which we can do by sharing your content with them.

How does it work?

It’s simple: anytime you write a post for your blog related to our site’s theme (peer support for mental health), we review it and, if it is accepted, we will share it with Libero’s community (giving you credit, of course!).

Where do my blogs get shared?

  • Across our social media channels
  • In our email newsletter
  • Occasionally we may even ask if we can cross-publish one of your blogs in-full on our site!

What if I write about more than just mental health?

Not a problem! If you have a specific category on your blog related to mental health or body image posts, you can submit that as your syndication link. Otherwise, you can still apply for syndication and when we review your posts, we will simply ignore any posts that aren’t relevant to our site.

How does the Bloggers Network benefit me as a blogger?

Simply put, our Bloggers Network helps you gain exposure. We will share any blog posts that meet our criteria across our social media channels (over 10k followers!) and with our email subscribers. We will credit you and your blog every time we share and will tag you on social media where possible. We will have you listed on our site with other members of our Bloggers Network so Libero’s community members can find you and your blog easily. We will also send you a badge you can place on your own blog to show your readers that you are a member of the Libero Bloggers Network!

How does the Bloggers Network help Libero Magazine?

Syndication helps us by providing us with even more great content to share with the Libero Community. Because of its simplicity, syndication encourages more bloggers to share their content with us and makes it easier for us to gain access to quality content that we know will help and encourage our community members.

What if I no longer want to be part of Libero Magazine’s Bloggers Network?

If at any point you change your mind and no longer want your blog syndicated, just send us an email and we will stop syndication. It’s that simple! (Please be sure to include your blog’s URL in the email.)

What is my commitment as a member of Libero Magazine’s Bloggers Network?

1. We will provide you with a “Libero Magazine Bloggers Network” badge to place on your blog.

These badges show your readers that you are part of a network of mental health bloggers. Additionally, in the same way that us featuring your blog on our site helps you, these badges help us spread the word about our magazine and Bloggers Network!

2. At least once every 6 months we ask that you submit an original article to our site.

As a member of our Bloggers Network, we want you to be an active member of Libero’s community and to share your unique voice with our readers! In addition, having members of our Bloggers Network write original articles for us ensures we always have original content on our site for our readers.

3. Publish relevant content on your blog.

While not all of your blog posts need to fit the theme of our site, we want to make sure the bloggers who are actively part of the network are posting content that is relevant to our main theme (peer support for mental health).

How do I join?

It’s easy! Simply fill out our application form by clicking the green button below!

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