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Our Ask an Expert Column is a way for our Community to reach out to professionals in the mental health and medical field and ask them questions related to recovery and overall wellness. All questions are submitted via the form below and will be answered anonymously on our site.

Questions will be forwarded to whichever Expert we feel is best equipped to answer. Questions not related to the content of our site or containing inappropriate content will be discarded.

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Important Disclaimer: This column is meant to serve as a safe place to ask questions and get opinions from educated professionals; but please always consult your own team before making any changes to your medication, activities, or recovery process. Although our Experts are certified professionals in their area, their advice may not be suitable for your situation, and thus is not to be taken in place of that given by your recovery team and/or family doctor or personal therapist. Please use your own good judgment, and consult a licensed mental health practitioner for specific treatment. In the case of a crisis, please do not rely on this column, as answers may take several weeks to be published, and not all questions will be addressed. Please contact one of the Helplines listed in our Resources section if you feel you are a harm to yourself or in need of emergency support. Note: Any identifying information will be made anonymous. We will do our best to answer every question; however, similar or related questions may be grouped together in a single answer. Inappropriate questions or questions not fitting the content of our site may be rejected.

Meet the Experts

Alex Raymond, RD, LD

Alex Raymond | Ask an ExpertAlex is a Registered Dietitian for the private practices Rebecca Bitzer and Associates and Empowered Eating. Alex’s goal is to assist her clients in discovering a life-long healthy relationship with food and their bodies. She is a firm believer in intuitive and mindful eating as well as health at any size. She works closely with her clients, whether they are struggling with eating disorders/disordered eating, diabetes, or other nutritional issues, to feel confident in food choices and answer their nutrition questions and concerns. Alex also runs a meal support group for clients who are recovering from an eating disorder. This program is called Dine and it is affiliated with Monte Nido treatment centers. Alex is very excited to be a part of the Ask the Experts column and hopes she is able to answer your nutrition-related questions! Outside of counseling clients, Alex enjoys cooking (especially Italian foods), journaling, hiking and exploring Washington, DC! If you want to learn more about Alex and her counseling experience, please visit and follow us on Facebook.

Colleen Fuller, M.A, RCC

Colleen Fuller | Ask an ExpertColleen Fuller is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Master’s in Counselling Psychology from City University of Seattle. She is also a happy wife and the proud mom of two terrific young adults. She loves to spend time talking with friends (especially over a good meal), working in her garden, and reading. She has a private practice in Vancouver, Canada, called Creative Solutions Counselling. She uses a variety of therapeutic approaches, including Solutions-Focused, CBT, and Narrative. If you would like to know more about her or consult with her (in person or via Skype), you can visit

Josée Sovinsky, RD

Ask an Expert Column | Libero Magazine 6Josée is a passionate Registered Dietitian working in a community setting in Toronto, Ontario. Originally from a small town in Québec, she moved to Ottawa, Ontario to complete her degree and internship in Nutrition Sciences. She applies a non-diet approach to all of her work, wishing to inspire others to let go of the diet mentality and embrace food freedom. After facing her own struggles with disordered eating during her degree, she developed a strong interest in helping those affected by eating disorders and mental illness. She decided to learn more about intuitive and mindful eating, body acceptance and health at every size, which now strongly guide her work. She dreams of a world free from mental health stigma, body shaming and disordered eating. When she is not helping others make peace with food, she enjoys baking, learning to play the piano, reconnecting to her French Canadian roots, photography and doing yoga in her living room. To find out more about Josée, visit

Robyn Baker, CPT, RYT, BS

Robyn Baker | Ask an ExpertRobyn Baker is the founder, owner, and operator of Asteya Fitness in Irvine, California. She believes in health at every size and that the key to health and well-being is establishing and nurturing the mind-body connection through intuitive eating and exercise. She is a born and raised California girl and the mommy to a crazy spirited boy, Elijah. To find out more about Asteya Fitness, please visit

Victoria Wilkinson, BScN, RN

Victoria Wilkinson | Ask an ExpertVictoria Wilkinson is a Public Health Nurse who graduated from Trinity Western University with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. When she’s not working, she enjoys dreaming about her next international trip, music, reading, and spending time with friends and family. She has a passion for helping those who are hurting and is specifically passionate about providing opportunities for those who are oppressed in the world. Victoria believes that everyone deserves to achieve wellness, which to her means achieving one’s personal potential when it comes to physical, mental, emotional, and social being. She believes that fear stops us from knowing our true worth and that through supportive communities, walking alongside one another, and through the grace and love of God, everyone can grow and change in order to achieve their personal state of well-being. Victoria would love to connect you to resources and offer support to help you know you are not alone, to help you take steps towards wellness, and to break free from the chains of fear and walk in the freedom. Victoria is excited to be a part of the Libero Network “Ask and Expert” panel and looks forward to journeying alongside you all!

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