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Our Ask an Expert Column is a way for the Libero community (you!) to reach out to professionals in the mental health and medical field and ask them questions related to recovery and overall wellness. All questions are submitted via the form below and will be answered anonymously on our site. Questions will be forwarded to an Expert we feel is best equipped to answer.

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     Disclaimer: This column is meant to serve as a safe place to ask questions and get opinions from educated professionals. Please always consult your own team before making any changes to your medication, activities, or recovery process. Although our Experts are certified professionals in their area, their advice may not be suitable for your situation, and thus is not to be taken in place of that given by your recovery team and/or family doctor or personal therapist. Please use your own good judgment, and consult a licensed mental or physical health practitioner for specific treatment. In the case of a crisis, please do not rely on this column. Please contact one of the Helplines listed in our Resources section if you feel you are a harm to yourself or in need of emergency support.

    Meet the Experts

    Alex Raymond, RD, LD

    Alex Raymond, RD, LD, CEDRD is an eating disorder dietitian in private practice in College Park and Columbia, MD. Alex specializes in treating individuals struggling with anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder. She practices from an intuitive eating model and enjoys working with individuals to improve body image. She is a passionate Health at Every Size © advocate and anti-diet dietitian. Alex provides eating disorder nutrition counselling in College Park and Columbia, MD. Alex’s College Park office is within walking distance from the University of Maryland. Contact Alex by visiting or follow her on Instagram:

    Curtis Dueck, MA, RCC

    Curtis Dueck is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) working in British Columbia, Canada. Curtis works with a wide variety of clients who come to counselling seeking support for many different concerns. He frequently works with clients on issues of anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma. Curtis draws from many schools of counselling psychology in his practice, including Gestalt, Sensorimotor, Person-Centered and Existential Analysis. Curtis has practiced counselling in a variety of settings including university, corrections, and physical rehabilitation. His passion in counselling is aiding clients in discovering their capacity and agency even in the midst of deep suffering or challenges. To find out more about Curtis, visit