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Our Ask an Expert column allows our readers to submit an anonymous question about mental health to our panel of healthcare professionals. All questions are reviewed by our team for relevance and appropriateness before being distributed to an appropriate healthcare professional on our panel. Responses to questions are then published on our site in the form of a Q&A-style article.

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Update October 2022: We have closed our Ask an Expert submission form. Please feel free to read articles from this column by clicking the link above.

Ask an Expert Column Disclaimer

Before submitting a question to our Ask an Expert column, please read the following disclaimer:

Our “Ask an Expert” column is meant to serve as a place to ask a question anonymously and receive a public response from a certified health professional in the form of a Q&A-style article. Although our Experts are certified professionals in their area of expertise, their advice may not be suitable for your situation, and thus is not to be taken in place of that given by your personal healthcare team. Please always consult your own healthcare team before making any changes to your medication, activities, or recovery process. Always use your own good judgment, and consult a licensed mental or physical health practitioner for specific treatment. Do not use this column if you are in crisis. If you are in crisis, contact 911 (in North America), your local emergency number, or one of the Helplines listed in our resources section.