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6 Ways to Make the Holidays FUN!

6 Ways to Make the Holidays FUN! | Libero Magazine

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Time and time again I hear about people dreading the holidays. There are people everywhere freaking out about all of the food and possible weight gain. I see articles titled “How to Survive the Holidays” and so on. Well, I think it’s about time we stop enduring the holidays and start enjoying them!

It is different when you have an eating disorder because your safe eating routine gets disrupted around this time of the year. There are different foods that you are expected to eat and you are around different people that you may not feel comfortable eating around. Thinking about this can bring on anxiety but it doesn’t need to! The holiday season shouldn’t be anxiety provoking, it should be fun!

So, my post today is going to be less focused on the negative side of eating disorders and the holiday season and more focused on how you can enjoy the holidays and all of their excitement.

I’ve been through all of this before. As November approached and our shopping cart filled with all sorts of chocolates, cakes, candy, cream…this brought on a massive freak out. I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable with all of this forbidden (or once forbidden) food in my house. But one thing I had to remind myself was just because the food was there, it didn’t mean that I had to eat it. It will be there if I choose to have some but if I don’t feel comfortable then there is no need to push myself.

Food shouldn’t have this power over us. After all, it doesn’t talk to us. It doesn’t give us orders or tell us that we are fat or worthless. It is your thoughts that do that. So if we learn how to manage our thoughts, then the food part should be easier to handle.

Like I said earlier, the holidays should be fun. Here are some of my tips for enjoying this magical season:

1. Take each day as it comes.

If we think ahead to all of the gatherings and food-related parties coming up then it can be extremely overwhelming. Try and live in the now and take each meal as it comes. If you feel like you’re in the mood for challenging yourself at a meal then take a bite of something once forbidden. If you don’t then don’t force yourself.

2. Talk to family or friends about how the upcoming holiday season is making you feel.

Talking to someone close to you like a parent or friend about how you are feeling can help them to help you. That way you can reach out to them for support during meal times or if you’re just feeling anxious. Being surrounded by large groups of people can be very overwhelming as well so make sure that you are able to text someone or talk to someone that understands your situation.

3. Try your best to enjoy the food!

I know it can be difficult, especially when you are reintroducing yourself to certain foods but like I said before, it’s not the food that controls you but your thoughts. Fill your plate with a little bit of your fear foods. Just a little bit. And have a taste. It’s not scary, it’s delicious! Eat and be merry 🙂

Or if you are feeling really anxious, talk to your therapist or dietician about ways to include these foods into your meal plan. Make a special holiday meal plan that you feel comfortable with and talk to your therapist (if you have one) about dealing with your feelings. Be prepared!

4. Enjoy the company.

It’s not everyday that you are surrounded by loved ones. If you are worried about the food side of things, focus on the people around you. Talk to people. Mingle. Wear a silly hat. Smile even if you don’t feel like it. Fake it till you make it, I say.

5. Help out with the festivities.

To really take your mind off of things, get involved! Help make the food or decorate. Help to wrap presents or make presents or tidy the house. It can be especially exciting when you feel like you’re a part of festivities. If you’re a girl, wear cute clothes and pretty yourself up. Guys, wear a cozy jumper or silly hat. You know you want to.

6. Have fun with it!

It can all be so overwhelming and I know that. I’m giving you this advice from experience and I now look forward to the holiday season because it’s such a happy time of the year. Everyone is smiling and giving gifts is so much fun! Remember that the holidays isn’t just about food. It’s about being with close friends and family and don’t forget the presents 😉 And at the end of it all, you have the new year to look forward to so you can start off the year with a smile and a cheer.

If you get the chance, wear a silly hat. They always cheer me up!

Katy has an honours degree in meteorology and an undergraduate degree in geophysics and mathematics. Katy chose to recover from her eating disorder in May 2010 and has never looked back. Throughout her recovery journey, she has struggled with crippling anxiety, which she has now learned to manage and by writing at Libero, she hopes to help others to manage their anxiety, have fun with recovery and learn to live again.

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