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Eva: Free from Anorexia

Eva: Free from Anorexia | Libero Magazine
I'm a survivor, a warrior, a fighter. I'm my own hero.

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I thought I was a diagnosis. I thought “Eva” equalled anorexia. But now I know that it doesn’t. After 3 years of struggle I’ve learnt that I’m a beautiful, brave, and strong young woman. With the help of God, my great friends, and a wonderful family, I’ve beaten the eating disorder.


Eva: Free from Anorexia | Libero Magazine

It was a hard job. But definitely worth it!

I’ve learnt who I am, and that I deserve the best. Those times, when I was sick, and small and sad and hollow are gone.

Now I’m an independent, strong young woman. I’m learing at a university and have a job. I still have my beloved and precious friends and I still have my family. I have a boyfriend and I’m a proud owner of a cat.

If I can make it, you can too. Please never give up.

It’s always darkest before dawn. And believe me; it’s so beautiful to see the sunrise.

I know that the world is full of wonder, and I live my beautiful journey called life.

I’m a survivor, a warrior, a fighter.

I’m my own hero.

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