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Daniel: Free from Yesterday’s Pain

In the end, you must believe in yourself and your abilities before anyone else can.

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There was a time and a place when I literally felt like I was on top of the world and essentially naïve enough to believe I was invincible and absolutely nothing could hinder me. Without a morsel of exaggeration, the rude awakening that anxiously awaited me around the shadowy corner occurred within the blink of an eye. Depression had introduced its wretched self by deeply sinking its venomous fangs into me.

My once fulfilling life that I had foolishly taken for granted took an immense turn for the worse. If Hell existed on Earth, then I was welcomed with open arms.

Depression had drastically inflicted severe suffering upon me that was exceptionally intense. It’s a helpless feeling within an individual that no word could possibly dare to describe.

When my suffering first commenced, my grueling symptoms were completely overwhelming! Furthermore, I wasn’t capable of controlling my symptoms! Depression is a dire mental prison sentence that is often mistaken for simply having the blues and/or being sad.

Depression is a legitimate medical condition that requires treatment immediately.

The fairy tales that revolve around depression are an utter fallacy. Unfortunately, individuals that suffer from depression are harshly judged that they’re weak and insensitively told to snap out of it.

I’m a firm believer that no one acquires the right to pass judgment onto another human being because that’s God’s job. I’m known for quoting, “If individuals could simply snap out of it then no one would suffer from depression.”

Initially, I was diagnosed with depression that carried a high level of severity. What caused it? I endured an exceedingly traumatic childhood that led into my teenage years. Following my diagnosis, the skeletons in my closet commenced to evolve.

I regularly interacted with a passionate duo of doctors that strongly yearned to witness me bury depression once and for all. The essential combination of frequently meeting with a psychologist for therapy and a psychiatrist for medication management can easily be compared to a seasoned, well-versed trainer and cut-man to a prizefighter.

However, one cannot merely depend on their doctor(s) to recover. An individual must be readily willing to help him or herself move forward as well.

If it’s not in one’s heart to become a champion, then he or she won’t firmly grasp the honorable opportunity to bear a championship belt around his or her waist.

The question that you must ask yourself is, “How bad do you want it?”

I had no choice but to accept depression’s grim challenge, but I seized the choice to go the distance against my repulsive adversary. I enthusiastically thrived to see this merciless fiend shed blood from one of my aggressive onslaughts of heavy-handed punches!

When the precise moment presented itself, I capitalized on the opportunity and witnessed first-hand that depression can be stopped in its vindictive tracks!

When I felt an eighth of an inch better, I gained a vast hunger to successfully prevail against depression! A WARRIOR had been created!

Depression has arduous challenges and barriers to strenuously overcome. Simply stated, depression is no walk in the park. But, depression does bear weaknesses. I’d be a liar if I said there weren’t an abundance of times that depression didn’t make me feel like a tremendously pummeled individual.

In unison, I’ve never been counted out in the numerous times that depression ruthlessly dropped and left me for dead. I’ve gotten back onto my feet every time. However, I couldn’t do it alone.

Due to my Christian roots, I firmly believe it doesn’t hurt having an angel in my corner.

The get-up-and-go mentality that’s habitually depicted from myself was manifested by simply humbling myself to Jesus Christ. Through my elongated experience, faith has always helped carry me when my mental gas tank was purely running on fumes.

This may not be the case for everyone and I acknowledge and respect that. One must find what truly inspires him or her and regularly utilize it as a focal point when he or she is feeling nearly beaten and on the verge of hitting the canvas face first.

What works for you?

One must be willing to courageously stand nose-to-nose with depression and closely listen to his or her battle cry robustly exclaim, “Here I am! Give me your best shot!”

Do you have what it takes to be a warrior? I think that all of you do. However, it doesn’t matter what I think. In the end, you must believe in yourself and your abilities before anyone else can.

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