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What are you free from?

Libero started with a story and sharing stories is still the heartbeat of our organisation. When you share your story on our site, you become part of the conversation, voicing freedom from shame and secrecy and bringing about change in the way our world views mental illness.

We do not believe freedom is found only through “full recovery.” Freedom is found when we break through the walls of secrecy and shame that kept us trapped so we can own our stories and begin to thrive.

This project allows the members of the Libero community (YOU!) to share stories and photos to Voice Freedom!

#VoicingFreedom Community Blog | Libero Magazine 22You can share your “Free from” photo and tag us on Instagram (@liberomagazine) using #VoicingFreedom


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Please submit your story below and feel free to include a “Free From” photo as well. You may also submit your photo along with a short, encouraging message for our community rather than your whole story.

Before submitting, please ensure you’ve read and understood our Submission Agreement.

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Latest Stories on our Community Blog:

  • Tabitha: Free From Anorexia
    Freedom from Anorexia is knowing I have and will always have a mental illness but recognising I have the power to never allow it to dominate my brain again. The post Tabitha: Free From Anorexia appeared first on Libero.
  • Lynn: Free from Emotional and Verbal Abuse
    From as early as I can remember, I was a victim of emotional and verbal abuse by my parents. Today, I am not just surviving, but thriving and growing. The post Lynn: Free from Emotional and Verbal Abuse appeared first on Libero.
  • Abigail: Free from Conditions
    What I learned later from what he told me was loving myself unconditionally has set me free. The post Abigail: Free from Conditions appeared first on Libero.
  • Heather: Free From Extremes
    I refuse to criticize myself anymore for not being an idealized, “perfect” version of myself. I treat myself the way I would any of my other friends because I know now it is what I deserve. The post Heather: Free From Extremes appeared first on Libero.


#VoicingFreedom photo Gallery:

Here are just a few of the photos that have been submitted to get you inspired!

Share your photo on Twitter/Instagram tagging @liberonetwork using #VoicingFreedom to be featured!

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