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“Free from _____” Share your story with us!

"Free from _____" Share your story with us! | Libero Magazine
We believe Freedom is not found only through “full recovery"; freedom is found once you are able to separate yourself from the lies, the shame, and the secrecy that have held you captive, whether that be your addiction, ED voice, depression, anxiety...

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Libero started with a story. We believe there is power in sharing our stories. In bringing darkness into the light.

The more we share about our struggles, and open up and be honest with ourselves and others, the more we break down stigma in our society, and chains of secrecy within ourselves. This allows us to admit when we need help, to reach out for support, and to step into freedom.

We believe Freedom is not found only through “full recovery”; freedom is found once you are able to separate yourself from the lies, the shame, and the secrecy that have held you captive, whether that be your addiction, ED voice, depression, anxiety…

Our Community Blog is a place to celebrate this freedom, a place to conquer the darkness, and a place to be open and honest with ourselves and others.

Our Community Blog is a place for you to share your story.

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What are you Free from?

Not only do you experience tremendous freedom by giving your experiences a voice, but you also encourage others to do the same. There is power when people gather together in vulnerability and honesty, and this is what community is build upon–this is what ours is built upon, anyways!

Over the years, many people have shared their stories here on our Community Blog, and we encourage your to browse through the archives to read them.

Today, however, we are challenging you to do more than just browse through archives. We are challenging you to answer a simple question:

What are you free from?

or, more specifically, what do you feel is holding you captive that you want to break free from?

Is it secrecy? lies? shame? negative self-talk? Or something more specific: ED’s voice? Labels of Depression? Anxiety attacks?

We’ve been discussing alternative therapy this month, and many of our team find writing to be one of them. You don’t have to be Anne Lamott or Ernest Hemingway to use your story to impact others–that’s what the editors are for *wink*–you just need to have the willingness and desire to share.

Why not share your story with us?

This month we challenge you to take part in our Community Blog. This can be done through:

If nothing else, we encourage you to at least give the word “freedom” some thought–what does it mean to you? What do you want to break free from? How do you think you can achieve this?

Amazing things can happen if you simply begin to ask these questions….

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Let’s celebrate Freedom together!

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Did you know “Libero” means “Free”? Libero started with a story shared by our Founder Lauren Bersaglio back in 2010. We believe when we share our stories we can champion mental health, end stigma, and spread hope. We would love to have you share your story and celebrate freedom with the rest of the Libero community! Click here to learn more!


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