Fitness: Is it really that big of a deal?

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Fitness: When I hear this word, it makes my skin crawl..

I know that it means ‘physically fit and healthy’, but I have to wonder why fitness is such a big deal in our society, and why are those that are not fit looked down upon? Why is having a small/muscular body the ideal?

Sure, in my physically fit days I knew that I could probably outrun most stalkers or serial killers, but other than that what’s so great about having a body free of cellulite? Does it make you a better person, harder working, more driven? I think it simply means that you dedicate your spare time to working out in the gym, whereas some of us would rather be writing or reading or watching reruns of Sex and the City while eating pizza.

I know we all have our things that we enjoy doing. Personally, I love reading novels, going on Tumblr, and baking. I do these activities often, and some may even say too much considering how much time I spend on them. So why is it okay for me to do these and it’s not okay for someone to love exercise this much?

Here’s the thing, I am not condoning those that exercise often.

Fitness: Is it really that big of a deal? | Libero I was once one of these people, and there was a time when it was perfectly healthy and I was happy with it. However, if you feel like you are not a worthy individual without exercising, we do have a problem. One thing should not define any of us. We are people who have so many important qualities that make up who we are.

That’s why we at Libero Network are against fitspiration messages.

If you have ever read any fitspiration messages, they are almost always degrading to those of us that choose not to exercise every day. I do not need to feel bad just because I don’t feel like going to the gym every day of the week, and I don’t need to feel bad just because I NEVER feel like going to the gym.

I once felt that my life was run by my food and exercise regime. I only ate very healthy, low-calorie foods, and I had to make sure that I ran each morning before I let any of this food touch my lips; there was no way I was going to let the physically fit body that I had worked so hard to attain just slip away from me. And then I got injured. My world was crushed. I didn’t know who I was without exercise. I was a runner. What was I without it?

Well to my surprise I found that I am still a very lovable, happy person, probably more so than before.

People once envied me for my body and my running ability. But do you know what I hear these days? “Wow, Haley, you just glow. You are always so happy. You make ME happy.” Personally, I’d rather have the latter as far as compliments go.

So, exercise if you love to exercise. But don’t feel like you need to in order for people to like you or think that you are attractive. That is a lie fed to you by people who are insecure within themselves (or the multi-billion dollar fitness industry); show them all that you can be happy without meeting their ridiculous standards.

Just be yourself. People will notice that there’s something different about you, something that most people don’t have because they’re trying so very hard to be like the others.

Appreciate yourself for all that you are, and the right people and things will find you. I know that was the case for me.

Check out our #StopFitspiration Project

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