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Writing Yourself Happy

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Pick up your pen and start writing! It could be a story of a flightless bird, or maybe a vegan dragon. Whatever writing itches at your fingertips.

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Inside every individual are millions and billions of stories waiting to be told. During the majority of the year, we are all far too busy, too stressed, and too overwhelmed with daily duties to give these stories voices. Summertime is here! Let’s use this as a gap period for relaxation and reflection.

For me summer has always been the time to crack open the books left on shelves; it is the one time I can truly focus on creative endeavors with little interruptions.

This month’s project:

Let’s open the door (notebook or Google Doc) and begin exploring.

For the entirety of last week continuing into this one, I have been making a point to write in my journal. I don’t give a timed write or any particular rules except to make marks. While I don’t live an Indiana Jones sort of life I have found my own inspiration through these quiet times.

Now it’s your turn–pick up your pen (or laptop) and start writing.

It could be a story of a flightless bird, or maybe a vegan dragon. Whatever writing itches at your fingertips, give it the respect you both deserve.

Here is an excerpt from one of my writings:

“Going into the talent show Rhoda had expected the usual trumpet players and off key songstresses attempting to make smiles big enough to fill their parents’ camera lenses. Until Peter Suffrage came onto the stage with his tattered cargo trousers and greasy hair. The room was silent and awkward as the students waited for what was to unfold. Before the principal could finish introducing his act, which by the way was suppose to be a tap dance number to Time Warp Brigade, the jar had been pulled out from his coat pocket, opened, and he was preparing to pop one unsuspecting flea into his mouth.” –Kira Irish

This month’s feature artist: Rudyard Kipling

The artist for this month is someone many of us know, the writer Rudyard Kipling.

One of the most popular quotes from Kipling is:
“Never look backward or you’ll fall down the stairs.”

Kipling was born December 30, 1865, and passed in 1936. His works are many and have inspired stories such as J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan and Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book.

At a young age, Kipling was sent to England from India–where he grew up–to be fostered by the Holloways. While he lived with the Holloways, Kipling noted there were numerous counts of emotional abuse. During this time of what was referred to as a “breakdown,” writing was used as a makeshift sanctuary in order to make sense of a confusing situation.

Although Kipling is no longer with us, it can be helpful to look at his stories and take inspiration from the worlds he created in the chaotic moments of his life, as well as the moments of peace. [] []

Kira, recent graduate of Coastal Carolina University (B.A English), is a self-proclaimed bookworm. In 2012 she realized her anxiety was more than a phase and sought out counseling. Through journaling, she learned the value of art as a coping mechanism. Kira continues filling sketchbooks, journals, and bookshelves with inspirations and stories. Rough days come and go but she remains positive and hopes to share this with others who may be struggling to find themselves.

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