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As we wrap-up our month of Frequently Asked Questions, we thought we would share a few from the archives:

“My daughter has an Eating Disorder and is away at school”


My daughter has a eating disorder. She is away at school. Any advice you can give us parents. She tells me she is OK but I don’t know what to say or do. My extended family does not understand and she will not share with them.  Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you.

Read the response here.

“I think my friend has an eating disorder”


My friend is living with my family right now and we are beginning to wonder if she has an eating disorder. I really am not very well educated to even know what would classify as an eating disorder but let me explain to you what I have observed. She lies everyday about eating her lunch at school. She throws it out or hides it instead of eating it. Every time after she eats anything, she goes to the bathroom upstairs even though the bathroom downstairs where everyone is is vacant. She is a vegetarian which probably has nothing to do with eating disorders but I thought I would throw it in.

I don’t know if it is anything for us to be concerned about or if we should just let it be. Maybe you have some thoughts? Anything would be appreciated.

Read the response here.

“How to handle ‘Wanna-rexic’ friends”


What do I do about wannarexic friends? At my school one of my bestfriends has decided she’s basically (from what I can tell although I don’t want to judge her as eating disorders are so hard to understand and I of all people totally get that) not going to eat her lunch ’cause she can’t’. But she only does this on days I’m at college at lunchtime and is fine all the other days when I’m not around. It makes me so jealous and frustrated that she seems to actually ‘want’ an eating disorder and I’m starting to not be able to be around her and get worried she’ll give herself an eating disorder and its really not aiding my recovery.

Read the response here.

“Outpatient treatment isn’t working, but don’t meet requirements for Inpatient”


I’ve been struggling with outpatient treatment and am gradually getting worse yet they wont take me as an inpatient until i have a BMI less than 16, which i feel then I will no longer be competent enough to agree to be admitted..its such a shitty system. do you have any suggestions?

Read the response here.

“Can guys help girls recover from their Eating Disorders?”


I find myself not knowing what to say…I’m just not sure what to do. I’m worried about her health, I’m worried that I might lose her. I want her to get better, and I feel so helpless and guilty not being able to help as much as I can.

Read the response here.

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