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To you, specifically you!

It will always amaze me how one word, one phrase or one talk can outweigh the value of a thousand others.  When we receive one word of negativity it can control and manipulate our entire viewpoint of our day and, in some cases, our life. For some people this is more common than for others. For some this is something they will never deal with, they will be able to value encouragement and criticism on the same level – I am not one of these people.

I wish I had the answer for how to value encouragement and reject criticism (or, at least, non-constructive criticism), but I don’t; I am a man who gets caught up in the negative and negates the positive – and the effect this has had upon my character and my life is huge. I can think of multiple examples in which thousands of encouraging words were negated by one person telling me that I was not good enough, not qualified, not accepted not ‘cool’, or a variety of other things.

We always have to be careful that we do not let these comments scar our life. There will be millions of words that others will say to us about our selves and our lives, what we have to decide is which ones we will allow to affect us, to affect our thoughts, to affect the way we act…

Which ones will you give power to?

I do not hold the golden answer; I can only pose questions and hopefully make you think. For me I need to remind myself the truth about my life and to surround myself with people who will not only encourage me but challenge me (in a positive way) as well.

You do not need people, rather, you need supports and empowers – People who will help you work through the negative and remind you of the positive, people who will build you up when it ‘seems’ everyone around you is trying to tear you down. Fill your life with these people. And don’t let the negative criticism discount the true and the positive.

This is the only advice I have; I have not done this perfectly, but I am starting to learn this is one way to combat the irrational view of criticism that we can sometimes have and the power we allow it to have over us.

Christian struggled through and recovered from depression. He likes to write so others can hear his story and know there is hope. His goal is that through sharing, people will be able to see their story within his own.

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  • We (not only you) are strange creatures. Of 100 people, 98 think we are 'ace high' one says or thinks negatively of us. Which do we focus on? You guessed! The 2%. Doesn't make sense but we do it. Often the person who offers the criticism is not someone we would ordinarily hold in high regard. Still we let him/her damage our self esteem. Let's do the math, mathematically it makes no sense. Maybe we should by an act of the will with God's help refuse to give any credence to such criticism.