Mental Health Month 2018: We are Redefining Mental Health

Mental Health Month: We are Redefining Mental Health | Libero Magazine 2

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Mental Health Month 2018

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Where the money goes

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Here at Libero we work hard year-round to champion, advocate, and support mental health.

Ending the stigma around mental illness is integral to what we do. This is why Mental Health Month is so important to us.

This year we are redefining Mental Health.

We believe Mental Health affects all of us. We also believe that as individuals, it looks different and means something different to each of us.

This Month we are asking what “Mental Health” means to you.

We believe breaking down stigma involves changing the way we view mental health. By defining it for ourselves and sharing these definitions, we can expand and normalize the conversation surrounding it.

Will you join us?

Throughout the month of May, we would love to have you join us in creating a new conversation about mental health on social media and in everyday life.

Tag us in your photos using #RedefiningMH

Taking part in our campaign is simple, all you have to do is share your definition of Mental Health on social media using #RedefiningMH (you can also tag us on Instagram @liberomagazine and Twitter @libero_mag).

We can’t wait to hear your definition as we all join together to continue to champion mental health together!

Here are some quotes that have been shared so far:

“I believe mental health is akin to physical health: it is something we all have and something we all can struggle with at different times and in a variety of ways. As individuals, I believe Mental Health looks different for each of us, and it is something I am constantly learning about and redefining for myself. Living a mentally healthy lifestyle, to me, is about finding a balance between awareness and action, overcoming and acceptance.

In short: mental health is about knowing myself, being myself, and caring for myself.”

-Lauren Bersaglio, Founder of Libero

“I believe mental health is a journey, not a destination. To me, it is the process of leaning into balance and self-compassion. It is the process of continuously making decisions based on love and not on “shoulds”. It is the process of accepting where I am with grace and seeking where I want to be with patience. It is the process carefully but bravely letting love in and out. To me, mental health is something we can all embark on today.”

-Elizabeth Ziegler

“I believe mental health is both the acceptance of yourself at whatever stage you’re at and making a choice to walk in your personal truth. To me, ‘living our truth’ means we have respect and value for ourselves and are actualized not by anyone else’s permission but by our own.”

-Kira Irish

“For me, mental health is about letting myself be.”

-Regina Santaella

“For me, mental health is freedom. It is about the freedom we often take for granted, the freedom to live life and enjoy both the ordinary and extraordinary moments.”

-Scott Gramke