Mental Health Month 2019: It Gets Better

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May is Mental Health Month and this year our theme is: It Gets Better!

Join us throughout the month as we share stories and articles that help spread a message of hope. We will also be interviewing some of Libero’s first volunteer contributors and they will be sharing what their lives are like now, years after first reaching out for support and offering encouragement to those who are earlier in their journey.

Throughout the month of May, we encourage you to share your own “It Gets Better” messages on social media using our hashtag #LiberoChampions and we’d also love to have you share your story!

We are also raising $2,000 to go towards keeping our magazine and community running.

As you probably know by now, Libero is a registered nonprofit. This means we depend on donations in order to survive. Each year we have two major fundraisers: Giving Tuesday (November/December) and Mental Health Month (May).

A successful fundraiser will make it possible for us to continue running our online magazine and community and it will help us grow our community and expand our projects so even more people can benefit from our work!

Our Sponsors

We would like to say a huge thank you to our Mental Health Month sponsors for their generosity! If your business would like to sponsor our campaign, please contact us.

How We Help

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, peer support is an “important contributor to recovery.” The Commission defines peer support as: “a supportive relationship between people who have a lived experience in common.” We offer peer support to members of the Libero Community on a daily basis through our articles and online community. We also give those who are ready to take steps towards mental health the opportunity to have a voice and celebrate their newfound freedom from shame and secrecy by sharing their stories with the rest of the Libero Community.

While we don’t see ourselves as a replacement for professional help, we value ourselves as a supplement to it. Our magazine has over 9 years worth of articles and is available 24/7. In addition, our Ask an Expert column is there for those who may have questions about mental health but are not yet ready to reach out for support. Submitting a question to our column anonymously may very well be their first step towards mental wellness.

What Our Community is Saying

We are constantly receiving messages from members of the Libero Community thanking us for the work we do and sharing how the Libero Community has helped them on their own journey. Below are just a few of the messages we’ve received thanking us for our work. (We value the privacy of our community; therefore, we’ve kept these comments anonymous.)

  • “Thanks so much for creating a way to encourage healthy living without shame.” -Facebook commenter
  • “Thank you Libero Network for all you do in adding to the conversation about mental health and recovery!! You have been a relatable spark of hope in my own recovery.” -Community member
  • “You have already inspired me to give up my addiction to exercise and start loving myself and my body unconditionally. I seriously cannot thank you enough.” -Instagram Commenter
  • “Lauren, I loved the topic you covered around depression as I have gone through a lot in my life and your session has changed my life.” -Instagram Commenter

Why Libero Needs Support

The Mental Health Commission of Canada acknowledges the problematic lack of funding and support for peer support initiatives. They state: “But despite evidence of the benefits, for both individuals and families, peer support programs have yet to receive the focus, funding, and attention needed….Peer support initiatives can have a great impact on a person’s journey of recovery. The relationship forged between the peer supporter and the person with a mental health problem or illness can help improve quality of life as well as reduce the need for hospitalization.”

As a grassroots not-for-profit organization, we rely on donations and sponsorships to continue growing our peer support network and to help keep our projects running. Without funding, Libero and its community could not exist. If we didn’t exist, then the thousands of members of our present community along with any future members would not have access to the support and community we provide on a daily basis.

Where the Support Goes

The funds we raise go towards:

  • Expanding our community by attending local events, distributing print materials, and marketing online
  • Keeping our projects running, including our online magazine, youtube channel, and social media community
  • Ongoing organizational costs such as annual registration fees, educational resources, and other necessary tools
  • Launching new projects that can help us reach more people who will benefit from our work

Please consider supporting our work so we can continue championing mental health and celebrating freedom for years to come!

Please support our campaign by donating using the form below!

If you’d like to learn more about our work and why funding is important, you can scroll to the bottom of our page.

$2,108 of $2,000 raised

Thank you for supporting our fundraiser! Because of your generosity, we were able to exceed our goal!


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