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When it comes to depression’s repugnant entity, one can decisively choose to win or lose.

There is no in-between. When depression first injects its malicious contagion into one’s veins, it evidently appears to be a virtually invincible and immovable adversary. However, depression does bear weaknesses. Depression’s arrogance significantly anticipates that its prey will commence to be flash-in-the-pan opponents to abruptly add to its list of victories and without any morsel of hesitation, depression vastly underestimates one’s will capacity. Big mistake! Through my wretched experience, depression’s haughty arrogance backfired! I chose to go the distance!

I’ve dined in an obscure Hell. During the course of my atrocious nightmare with depression, I’ve taken its utmost merciless, vigorous onslaughts of dire mental punishment. Although I’ve been a fierce aggressor and dared to exchange excruciating blows with depression, I’ve been ruthlessly dropped various times onto its blood-stained battleground. Then again, because I’m a devout, passionate warrior, I’ve always resiliently arose to my feet and heartily continued to valiantly fight – That’s simply what warriors do.

When an individual alas is hastily challenged by depression, the contract is written in the blood of its innocent casualties including my own flesh and blood. He or she is unquestionably the underdog with the odds colossally stacked against him or her. Reason being, individuals are forcibly transported to an uncanny terrain of eerie dreadfulness where muddled individuals undergo immediate ambush that’s immensely overwhelming from depression’s unremorseful arsenal. Frankly, one is in depression’s sinister arena.

In the midst of what seemed to be an arduous, one-sided battle, my knees commenced to buckle and I literally felt that I was on the brink of domination due to a failed strenuous effort. Simultaneously, depression’s spiteful confidence instantaneously nose-dived when it witnessed with its callous eyes that an innate warrior spirit was courageously awakening within me with an unconquerable will and fire burning within its heroic eyes. The bitter taste of the murky dirt upon depression’s battlefield intensely motivated me to highly utilize this bold spirit and forcefully crack this immovable brick wall.

Once again, following a vast number of ferocious combinations and blows exchanged back and forth, depression had finally dropped its guard for a split-second and I tremendously capitalized on the opportunity.

I connected a potent punch that rattled and rapidly halted depression in its own vindictive tracks! I proudly witnessed that depression can bleed.

When it comes to depression, no one is a victim. One does have the option to fight. Therefore, ‘victim’ should not be used in correlation with depression. If there’s one portion of your soul that depression cannot touch, it’s your will. All of you have the option to devotedly fight this repulsive monster and beat it to its knees.

Like all or most of you, I was utterly unaware that I attained this brave spirit until depression hastily backed me into a corner and threatened my one chance and opportunity at life. People who drastically suffer from depression and boldly stand up to it day-to-day are not given enough credit. As matter of fact, these daring people are often made to feel bitter shame. My question is, “Why?

To those who severely suffer, none of you are alone on your quest for mental freedom.

Anyhow, should an individual feel ashamed that although he or she undergoes relentless anguish on a daily basis, he or she is still sluggishly crawling out of bed in the morning to adhere to his or her responsibilities rather than giving up and crawling under a rock to await death? Should an individual feel ashamed that he or she has limitless will-power and valiantly strives to bury depression once and for all? Why should a depression patient have to be harshly judged for taking anti-depressant medication and/or receiving therapy? Should a cancer patient feel ashamed for receiving chemotherapy? Come on now. It is necessary treatment and helping one’s self! Where is there shame in what I’m explaining here? All of you should be proud of yourselves!

With that in mind, to those who do judge people who suffer from depression, you must consider: do people ask for a common cold? I wouldn’t think so; and, similarly, people do not ask for depression, either. In my opinion, no one bears the right to pass any sort of judgment onto another human being. If anything, it’s quite essential that an individual that’s suffering from depression feels love, respect, encouragement, and self-assurance.

It’s not a mere coincidence that suicide rates and depression coincide significantly. Many lives can be saved. Depression took the life of my cousin, Carmen. He is my inspiration to share my story and consistently help others who are suffering from depression. It’s definitely an illness that needs to come out of the dark.

About the Author:

My name is Daniel Savoia and years ago I was diagnosed with severe depression due to an exceedingly traumatic background. Presently, I’m in the process of writing an in-depth, thorough book on the subject of the abundance of knowledge that I excruciatingly gained throughout my elongated, agonizing journey throughout severe depression’s horrific pathway. Overall, I’m exceptionally seasoned when it comes to this gruesome illness and I’ve dedicated my heart in its entirety to helping those who are currently suffering, educating those who are close or related to an individual who is drastically suffering, and/or just answering general questions for inquiring minds regarding depression’s darkness. Read Daniel’s “Free from” Story on our Community Blog

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