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Tabitha: Free From Anorexia

Freedom from Anorexia is knowing I have and will always have a mental illness but recognising I have the power to never allow it to dominate my brain again.

Lynn: Free from Emotional and Verbal Abuse

Lynn: Free from Emotional and Verbal Abuse | Libero

From as early as I can remember, I was a victim of emotional and verbal abuse by my parents. Today, I am not just surviving, but thriving and growing.

Abigail: Free from Conditions

What I learned later from what he told me was loving myself unconditionally has set me free.

Heather: Free From Extremes

Heather: Free From Extremes | Libero

I refuse to criticize myself anymore for not being an idealized, “perfect” version of myself. I treat myself the way I would any of my other friends because I know now it is what I deserve.

Tabitha: Free from Labels

Tabitha: Free from Labels | Libero

Flaws do not make me a failure; flaws make me human. I’m not perfect, but I’m all kinds of awesome, because I’ve learned to live a life free from labels and free from lies.

Kyra: Free from Feelings of Insufficiency

Kyra: Free from Feelings of Insufficiency | Libero

The scars that were left on my heart may have formed patterns in my mind of insufficiency, but it is time to break free from those patterns and re-learn new ones.

Amanda: Free from Fear

Amanda: Free from Fear | Libero

Two years ago, the best word to describe me was afraid. Now, the best word to describe me is a warrior. A warrior who is beating the disorder that threatened her life.

Holly: Free From Negativity

Holly: Free From Negativity | Libero 2

Most importantly, I no longer feel bad about having anxiety. I understand it and it’s helped to shape who I am. I am free from fear, and I am free from negativity.

Eva: Free from Anorexia

Eva: Free from Anorexia | Libero

If I can make it, you can too. Please never give up. It’s always darkest before dawn. And believe me; it’s so beautiful to see the sunrise. I’m a survivor, a warrior, a fighter. I’m my own hero.

Anastasia: Free from Darkness

Anastasia: Free from Darkness | Libero

Instead of hopelessness, I’m filled with positivity and energy and a burning passion to help others achieve the same thing. I no longer have to put on a mask of confidence and false hope, because true joy shines from within me. I’m finally living, and it’s beautiful.

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