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Body Positive Spotlight: Yellowberry

Body Positive Spotlight: Yellowberry | Libero Magazine 2

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Editor’s Note: Our Body Positive Spotlight is a way for us to showcase businesses who promote body positivity through their brand. This time we are featuring the girl’s apparel company Yellowberry. I first came across Yellowberry on Instagram, and after reading the story behind the brand, I feel in love. I want to thank  Megan, the Founder,  for taking the time to fill out this interview and for her passion to show young girls they are beautiful and important and, most importantly, that there’s nothing wrong with acting their own age! Be sure to check out their links below and show them some love!  -Lauren Bersaglio (Founder & Editor, Libero)

bopo spotlight yellowberry companyTell us a bit about your company:

Yellowberry started after I went shopping for bras with my younger sister, Mary Margaret, who was 13 at the time. We went to the mall to purchase her very first ones, but couldn’t find any that she liked or that she could fit in to. Not that she was over developed or underdeveloped, but the only options she had were either a few sports bras and low quality, boring bras in white/beige, or the most common options were over-sexualized, padded, and push-up bras advertising to grow-two cup sizes.

I remember her coming out of the dressing room, and I just wanted to cover her up; she did not need to wear that! We came home from this trip, and I was frustrated.

I saw something wrong with the stores, the mall, and the bra options for girls. Where was just a cute, colorful, and youthful bra for girls her age? The simple answer is that there just wasn’t one. Instead of complaining about this problem, my solution was to create a product that did not exist. So I founded Yellowberry.

Why did you decide to make your brand one that promotes body positivity?

As I moved forward with this idea and company, I wanted to build my brand as a bra company that made bras for girls and also addressed the bigger picture social message as well, which is the over sexualization of these tween girls.

The Yellowberry message is both very simple and very powerful. That message is that Yellowberry bras are bras that represent the confidence and empowerment of girls.

So the mother who buys the bra for her daughter understands the age-specific and age-appropriateness nature of the bras, whereas the daughter sees a really great product that is not completely foreign on her body.

What specifics efforts do you make to promote body positivity?

Within my company, our entire mission to empower girls and cultivate a sense of confidence. With that, we are clearly promoting body positivity!

For me personally, I try to live a very healthy lifestyle. I love kale, but would never say no to a brownie! I like to be active–go skiing and hiking or take a yoga class.  I think that for me, I strive to find a nice balance, and feel better about myself.

Overall, have you found the response you’ve received from customers/readers towards your body-positive approach to be generally positive or negative?

Just about 100% positive. I think one of the most common things that we hear from a mom is, “Thank you! I am so happy that we found your company for my daughter and I cannot wait for her to become a Berry :)”

We get this kind of feedback from the moms more than anyone else we talk to.

Why do you think it is important for other companies/brands to promote body positivity in their products/advertising/content?

I think when you think about a person as a person and not just a consumer, the answer is so simple. Every brand, company, etc. should always promote body positivity! I don’t think, when you look at your consumers as people, that one could ever justify promoting any type of non-body positive products/advertising.

What would you say to those who argue that body-positive advertising/content “doesn’t sell”?

It’s definitely not as shocking as the alternative in many cases. But, I think when you put the value again on the consumer being an actual person instead of “just” the consumer, it brings in a new element of thought. It makes you look at marketing to people, to their self-esteem, and in my opinion forces innovation.

Business is absolutely without a doubt about making a profit, but there are other ways to build a brand than by portraying women in ways that crushes the way they feel and see themselves.

Any final thoughts you’d love to share?

After reading through my answers, it just makes me think that building up your own confidence is so important. Finding something that you love and are passionate about is an exhilarating journey, and one that adds so much to person’s confidence. It’s something that has empowered me to quite literally go out and chase my own dreams, visions, and goals…size 8 be damned.


More About Yellowberry:

Mission: “Yellowberry makes bras that are unique, colorful, and young made for all girls who love and enjoy their youthful, yellow stages in life.”

Started: March 2013
Founder: Megan Grassell
Company Base: Jackson, Wyoming (and online)
Twitter: @yellowberrybras
Instagram: @yellowberrycompany
Facebook: Yellowberry

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