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Body Positive Spotlight: Dear Kate

Body Positive Spotlight: Dear Kate | Libero Magazine

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Editor’s Note: Our Body Positive Spotlight is a way for us to showcase companies, websites, and more who promote body positivity through their brand. This time we are featuring the apparel company Dear Kate. We first came across Dear Kate when they recently received attention for their response to Victoria Secret’s “Perfect Body” campaign. Immediately we knew they were a company we wanted to feature on our site! I want to thank Isabella–the Marketing and Creative Coordinator–for being so kind and taking the time to fill out our interview. Be sure to check out their links below and show them some love!  -Lauren Bersaglio (Founder & Editor, Libero)

Tell us a bit about your company:

At Dear Kate we’re reimagining what women can expect from their underwear (and yoga pants!)

Why did you decide to make your brand one that promotes body positivity?

The apparel industry tends to feature a very limited range of looks and sizes in photos and size offerings. While it’s impossible to represent women in *every* shape and size for practicality reasons, it is possible to show more diversity. Our society has narrow standards of beauty which implies that there is some “perfect” body to aspire to.

We hope to dispel this insane perfect body notion by showcasing women who are babes inside and out (who also happen to wear a range of sizes) and by offering clothing in sizes XS-3X.

Overall, have you found the response you’ve received from customers/readers towards your body-positive approach to be generally positive or negative?

We’ve had a tremendously positive response. The people who reach out often say how refreshing it is to see women in all shapes and sizes represented on our website. When we posted a response to Victoria’s Secret perfect body campaign, it got 1.2K retweets on twitter alone.

Why do you think it is important for other companies/brands to promote body positivity in their products/advertising/content?

As a small, all-female team, we want to showcase the women we’d like to see represented in the media. Those women are smart, ambitious and better reflect the diversity of beauty that exists in the world.

What would you say to those who argue that body-positive advertising/content “doesn’t sell”?

Look into the Dove’s most recent economic growth (which is most definitely due to their recent body positivity campaigns)!

More About Dear Kate:

Mission: “Our mission is to give women the confidence to do anything by equipping them with apparel that’s up for the challenge.”

Started: December 2012
Founder: Julie Sygiel
Company Base: New York, New York (and online)
Twitter: @dearkates

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