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Body Positive Spotlight: Katie K Active

Body Positive Spotlight: Katie K Active | Libero Magazine

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Editor’s Note: Our Body Positive Spotlight is a way for us to showcase businesses who promote body positivity through their brand. This time we are featuring athletic apparel brand Katie K Active


Tell us a bit about your company:

Katie K Active is an inclusive premium brand. We use high quality fabrics, with performance qualities and exceptional attention to detail to create a line that is flattering on all body types. All styles are offered in all colors over the whole size range. I didn’t want to offer only certain colors in the plus range, and offer everything in straight sizes.

Katie K is a blend of fashion and function. Knowing you can get quality construction, expert construction, amazing fit and style is a value women can touch, see and feel. We want women of all sizes to be able to be excited and motivated to live a healthy active life.

Why did you decide to make your brand one that promotes body positivity?

Promoting body positivity is important to me because it doesn’t single someone out for no real reason. For women shopping can be social and it’s no fun when you can’t participate. With Katie K, women can shop together and not feel left out. You can buy the same color and style that you loved on your straight size friend and vice versa. I’ve also heard stories from running stores of how women wanted to wear matching outfits for an upcoming event but the plus size woman would be left out. I love to know that now we can outfit a whole team, and everyone can feel confident and know they fit in, not feel like they are being singled out.

Overall, I just think it’s great to not feel singled out. I think that truly everyone wants to fit in and feel good about themselves. At a trunk show I saw it first hand; a woman said she was so excited to wear something where the logo didn’t automatically mean “plus size.”

There’s enough in our lives to bring us down, make us doubt ourselves or feel insecure. I want to be able to give women of all sizes a chance to get started off on the right foot and help them feel confident while they lead healthy, active lives.

What specifics efforts do you make to promote body positivity?

We do a few things to promote body positivity. I find it important to show all shapes and sizes of women in our clothing and doing various activities. Seeing other women working out, being healthy and active gives a more true view of the world. I want to be able to relate to other women who are living healthy, active lives and to do that, we can’t always only see a certain body type.

I also think it’s important to show women at all stages of their journey, so we like to work with other groups and ambassadors who promote this too. Showing women competing in a race or hitting a PR no matter their size or fitness level is important to show so others can see that everyone has a starting point and their own journey.

Lastly, for our brand, we really focus on fit. It’s not fair to treat the plus size woman as unimportant or less valuable. Therefore, we use our double fit technology to ensure the proper fit across the size range.

Overall, have you found the response you’ve received from customers/readers towards your body-positive approach to be generally positive or negative? 

People seem to love the inclusiveness of our brand. All women can shop together and know they can both have access to great activewear options. It’s rare to have a brand that offers the exact same styles and colors across the size range. One woman told me how excited she was about our line because it didn’t show what size she was. I didn’t get this at first but she explained how if you wear a plus size only brand and the logo is on it, you are letting the world know what size you are, or at least what range you fall into. I had never thought about that. I also had another experience with a team. They were so excited to find our brand because they knew that everyone could dress alike and be a part of the team. Sometimes the plus size woman is left out of these fun experiences because she doesn’t have the same access to the same items.

Overall, we’ve had a great response to the inclusivity of our line. Retailers are glad to carry a brand that covers the full size range and be able to offer this to their customers. The customers are excited to see a brand offer the inclusive size range while still focusing on style, fit and function.

And lastly, the plus size woman loves having access to the same great styles in all the same colors that the straight size women have. Everyone just wants to fit in and have access to the same great styles and trends, no matter your size. Why should these groups be separate?

Why do you think it is important for other companies/brands to promote body positivity in their products/advertising/content?

I feel that there is such a huge focus on our bodies and looks coming from the media that it gives us a warped view of what’s real. And so much of what we see is altered but we are told to strive for that altered, unrealistic body so you are left with a feeling of never being able to measure up.

I think we need to be more honest and show a more truthful view so we can stop the vicious cycle of comparing and never being satisfied. When I hear the statistics of how early girls start dieting and being upset with their bodies its alarming. And to think this is something that they will most likely think about for the rest of their life. It’s all around you, in almost everything you see, this idea that you have to be “perfect”. And what that perfect is has been decided by someone else.

What would you say to those who argue that body-positive advertising/content “doesn’t sell”?

I would have to disagree with them, but I do think it takes time. There seems to be a shift in the right direction and more people are interested in having something they can better relate to. I think retail is at least starting to change. Some retailers totally get it and have embraced the need for more plus size options. And then there are others that do not, but its nice to see some movement. And when I explain what we are doing with Katie K Active, I always get the reaction of how great it is to offer a full size range and how everyone just wants to look good, feel confident and have access to the same fashionable and functional workout wear.

For us, it’s a must to show women that they can be healthy, active, confident and live their best life, no matter what their size and where they are along their fitness journey.

About Katie K Active:

Started: March 2014
Founder: Katie Kozloff Banks
Company Base: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
Twitter: @KatieKActive
Instagram: @KatieKActive
Facebook: KatieKActive

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