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Aerie Releases #AerieMan Campaign

Aerie Releases #AerieMan Campaign | Libero Magazine
The #AerieMan campaign does for men what the #AerieReal campaign does for women: promotes body acceptance and positivity, and swears off photoshopping.

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In Spring 2014, American Eagle brand Aerie launched their #AerieReal campaign, swearing off photoshop, and encouraging women and girls to embrace their bodies as they are. To this day, Aerie still refrains from photoshopping the women in their ads and does their best to promote diverse body types.

This Spring, the brand is at it again–only, this time, they are focused on men.

The #AerieMan campaign does for men what the #AerieReal campaign does for women: promotes body acceptance and positivity, and swears off photoshopping.

Why is this important?

Male body image is rarely discussed in media, and male-focused body positivity campaigns are incredibly difficult to come by. Yet according to NEDA’s website, men represent as many as 25% of anorexia and bulimia cases, and 36% of BED cases (source), and Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a growing concern as well.

We are grateful to Aerie (and American Eagle) for taking a stand through this campaign.

We hope others will follow in Aerie’s footsteps. Body positive media is important for the health of our society, but it also sells; so for those who are only focused on the bottom line, “losing sales” is no longer an excuse.

We encourage you to check out this video and support Aerie, because, with every dollar that you spend, you are casting an important vote.

Remember: the real you is sexy!


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