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Ask an Expert: Victoria Wilkinson

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Friday we made the official announcement for the launch of our Ask an Expert Column. This column is a place for you–the Libero Community–so submit your recovery and mental health questions, and have them answered by professionals in an anonymous advice column format.

Each one of these “experts” has been handpicked by us and has offered their time and expertise voluntarily to be a part of the Libero “expert” team. We thought you’d probably like to get to know them a bit better.

Today we are introducing Victoria Wilkinson.

Victoria Wilkinson is a Public Health Nurse who graduated from Trinity Western University with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 

INTRO Victoria WHello, my name is Victoria! I attended Trinity Western University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I am now working as a Registered Nurse in public health. I have a heart for helping those who are hurting, and am specifically passionate about giving opportunity to those who are oppressed in the world. In the past I have spent a number of years working on the Downtown Eastside, Vancouver, volunteering and coordinating women’s outreach programs. Another passion of mine is summer camp; I devoted many summers to the fun, excitement, and sleep deprivation, of working at camp. Some other passions of mine include music, travelling, and reading. In the future I hope to pursue my masters as a nurse practitioner and open my own practice. I would love to do more international travel; next on my list is Thailand!

As a nurse I strive to ensure that the people I work with, and in my community are not just free from illness, but are experiencing wellness. Wellness is a process of changing and growing to become physically, mentally, emotionally and socially capable in whatever situation one is in. Wellness looks different for everyone, and even if affected by illness (whether physical or mental) a person can still experience their own personal full potential of wellness. I believe in helping people to unlock resources and the support necessary to reach their full potential. I believe that it is necessary to be open about challenges and to seek a community to stand alongside us when we’re hurting or struggling. I believe in letting those who are struggling know they are not alone and that there is always help and someone who can relate in some way.

I believe that fear stops us from knowing our true worth and that through supportive communities, walking alongside one another, and through the grace and love of God, everyone can grow and change in order to achieve their personal state of wellbeing.

I will approach my interactions and the advice I give to people believing that wellness is for everyone, wellness can be achieved through support and resources that inspire growth and change, and that we have the strength to achieve wellness.

I really look forward to journeying with everyone!


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