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Surviving Summer Transitions

Surviving Summer Transitions | Libero Magazine 1

Summer is a time of transition for many of us. Whether it is transitioning from school into a summer job, from high school into university, or from university to working life as it is for me. No matter what the transition is, it can be a stressful time in our lives.

Finding Contentment

Finding Contentment | Libero Magazine 1

I am currently on the crest of a summer which will include several weddings (including my brother and my best friend’s), my graduation from college, the start of my professional career, and my first major move. As I face this last month before summer, I am forced to re-examine the “I can’t wait” attitude and how it affects my sense of contentment.

Jennifer Aniston is Sick of Tabloids + Body Shaming

Jennifer Aniston is Sick of Tabloids + Body Shaming | Libero Magazine 1

“If I am some kind of symbol to some people out there, then clearly I am an example of the lens through which we, as a society, view our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, female friends and colleagues. The objectification and scrutiny we put women through is absurd and disturbing.”

When Fitness Becomes Sickness

When Fitness Becomes Sickness | Libero Magazine 1

I am an addict. Stating these words still feels surreal, even after all this time.

I remember my first meeting: “My name is Regina, I have anorexia nervosa, anorexia athletica, orthorexia and exercise addiction, among other diagnosed psychiatric disorders.”

Even though I knew my situation was due to an illness and not a choice I had made, feelings of shame started creeping up on me.

Welcome to Libero Magazine!

Welcome to Libero Magazine! | Libero Magazine 1

Welcome to Libero Magazine! We’ve been on a short hiatus as our team worked hard behind-the-scenes at bringing you an all new experience here at Libero.

TIPs for Coping with Self-Harm Urges

We are Rebranding--Stay Tuned! | Libero Magazine 3

Here are some TIPs for coping with self-harm urges. Essentially, TIP skills alter our physical state which then changes our emotional state.

Adjusting to New Foods in Recovery

We are Rebranding--Stay Tuned! | Libero Magazine 1

Adjusting to new foods in recovery isn’t easy. You must teach your body to accept the foods it has rejected for so long. This can be uncomfortable.

Holly: Free From Negativity

Holly: Free From Negativity | Libero Magazine 2

Most importantly, I no longer feel bad about having anxiety. I understand it and it’s helped to shape who I am. I am free from fear, and I am free from negativity.

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