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Posting Encouragement Around Campus

Posting Encouragement Around Campus | Libero Magazine 2

Since returning to Canada I’ve – A) had a cool enough phone to be able to document interesting things around me (and post them on Instagram every 5 seconds if I need validation of its interestingness) and, B) especially taken note of the positive influences around me.

I feel like in our society there’s so much emphasis on our rights, our needs, our importance that we feel it’s normal to continuously complain about what we consider to be ‘less than adequate.’ The public bathroom was not up to snuff (sidenote…what is this snuff we’re using to measure??), the fast food was slow food, and we just aren’t the right kind of ‘fit’.

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I’ve been going out of my way to notice the positive things, the uplifting, community type things that bring us together as human beings, and show us we’re more than our daily ‘firstworlproblems’ or mirror objections. I’d like to share a couple photos with you of things that made me smile. It made me realize that here at Libero Network, we’re part of something greater, something better than ourselves, something that’s making a positive difference.

The first photo (above)  is of a quote in the women’s change room at Good Life Fitness – Kelowna. I was a bit taken aback seeing this in a gym at first. But as I read it again, I was stoked to see a gym wasn’t pushing the idea of fitspiration, breaking yourself, or a better looking body. It was pushing the idea of holistic health and well-being, something I can proudly support…even if I can’t afford a pass to their gym.

The second photo (below) was in the women’s washrooms at my university library. It was nice knowing there are other students out there whose number 1 priority isn’t GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry…) or judging others according to the same checklist.

I’d encourage you guys to snap these photos when you have the chance, and send them in to us here at Libero, and we can add them to our Facebook page, along with your ‘Free From’ photos!! ( submissions[at] )


Lauren A.

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Lauren Aliza

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