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Finding Your Voice through Activism


In this video, I discuss how activism can be an important part of finding your voice while recovering from an eating disorder.

Speaking Up For Recovery


If I created the struggle, I could also create the victory, the recovery. Those words were me speaking up and choosing to take on my recovery head-on.

Expressing Emotions Healthily

Expressing Emotions Healthily | Libero Magazine 2

It came as a surprise to me to learn that wanting to punish myself wasn’t an emotion, but a response to emotions. Expressing my emotions healthily allows me to voice my internal situation without using damaging behaviours.

Tips for Making Summer Your Own

Tips for Making Summer Your Own | Libero Magazine 2

Summer doesn’t have to be about swimming-related activities and showing lots of skin. In fact, there are many outside-of-the-box activities free from pools.

Question: Feeling Hunger and Fullness?

Question: Feeling Hunger and Fullness? | Libero Magazine 2

Answer: I can appreciate and understand how hunger signals can be really scary, but I take this as a good sign! It means your body is recovering from the ED.

Tips for Intuitive Eating While Travelling

Tips for Intuitive Eating While Travelling | Libero Magazine

Summer is here and if you are new to the practice of intuitive eating, you may be freaking out about upcoming travelling. This video offers some tips.

Surviving Summer Transitions

Surviving Summer Transitions | Libero Magazine 1

Summer is a time of transition for many of us. Whether it is transitioning from school into a summer job, from high school into university, or from university to working life as it is for me. No matter what the transition is, it can be a stressful time in our lives.

Adjusting to New Foods in Recovery

We are Rebranding--Stay Tuned! | Libero Magazine 1

Adjusting to new foods in recovery isn’t easy. You must teach your body to accept the foods it has rejected for so long. This can be uncomfortable.

Coping With Stress In Times of Transition

Coping With Stress In Times of Transition | Libero Magazine

Of course I would find the feeling of wanting to control what I eat comforting, at a time when I felt so out of control. Coping during times of transition can be extremely difficult. Routine and familiarity are often vital.

How to Cope with A New Body

How to Cope with A New Body | Libero Magazine

Eating disorders are mental illnesses. The mind hijacks the body and begins to analyze, critique, and control the physical form in which it resides.

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